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Dave's story

Ducati 350 Desmo Single

My collection started with the purchase of a Ducati 350 Desmo Single in 1978 while I was at University. The bike was a wreck even though it was only a few years old and is one of the two 350 Desmo Singles I still own. It was rebuilt and the original Ducati orange colour scheme restored by Brancanto Engineering, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire

In 1980 I bought my second Ducati, the iconic 900SS as the second owner.

I have added the other bikes over the years having bought and sold them as time went on including an 851.

I decided to buy the Panigale V2 FE as it is likely to be the final Ducati V Twin. The bike has an incredible 200 plus BHP a level of power it is likeley I will never use!

My favourite is probably the 350 desmo. Being so small it is easy to ride in London's traffic.

The bikes have been looked after over the years by Tony Brancato, Brian Silver, Pro Twins, and Robbie at the Motorcycle Service Centre. The Motor Cycle Service Centre did a fantastic job of rebuilding my Paul Smart after a faulty regulator caused it to catch fire (see pictures).


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