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Ducati 900 Super Sport 1975

Ducati 900 Super Sport

The 1975 Ducati 900SS is considered the closest in true ‘essence’ to the famous 750 Imola Race Replica otherwise known as the Ducati 'Greenframe'. Ducati produced a meagre 246 examples of 1975 900SS making them the smallest 900 Super Sport production in Ducati’s history.

Ducati's second-generation V-twin engine (the 900cc square case) used in the 860GT of 1974 was used for the new 900SS superbike.

864.00 cc, SOHC 2-valve Desmo 90° V-twin, 86.0 x 74.4 mm, Compression 9.4:1, 70 hp (51.1 kW)) @ 7000 rpm, top speed 132.4 mph.

5-speed, Brakes Brembo, Wheelbase: 1310 mm, Seat height 820 mm, Weight: 198 kg (dry), Fuel 4.76 gal (18 L)